A Variety of Health Improvements May Be Provided by a Colorado Springs Chiropractor

People typically decide to seek help from a Colorado Springs chiropractor when they are dealing with back or neck pain and want effective treatment for that discomfort. Many individuals have also realized that routine appointments with a chiropractic doctor help them maintain their excellent health. This often is a serendipitous discovery. A person might go to a chiropractor for several sessions to reduce or eradicate back pain, and then notice that seasonal allergy symptoms have also been significantly reduced.

Musculoskeletal System Health

How can spinal manipulation result in this type of positive effect? On the surface, it would seem that the spinal cord and hay fever have nothing to link them. Chiropractic medicine views the health of the entire musculoskeletal system as connected with the rest of the body. When the spine is properly aligned, the body is better able to heal its various temporary conditions and chronic disorders.

Various Positive Results

Research has found positive results of chiropractic care for reducing muscle tension and boosting pulmonary functioning. Patients have reported feeling more energetic and having clearer mental processes in the weeks after an adjustment. Restoring the musculoskeletal system to its proper balance may reduce inflammation not only in the area where pain is occurring, but throughout the body.

Effects on Blood Pressure

A study published in 2007 found that just one chiropractic adjustment can help lower blood pressure and keep it at that reduced level for six months. Interestingly, other studies have found benefits of chiropractic treatment for patients with the opposite problem: hypotension, in which blood pressure tends to be too low.

Advantages of Seeing a Holistic Practitioner

As holistic practitioners, chiropractors focus on the health of the entire person instead of on a body part that is not functioning properly. Medical doctors are gradually moving in this direction as well, but chiropractic care is already soundly steeped in the idea that diet, exercise and a reduction of stress can go a long way to help people live healthier lives. A chiropractic doctor is likely to ask patients about their eating habits and their general behavior, and may make recommendations for improvement.

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