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Teach Piano at Home and Make Music and Money

It may not be as hard as you may think it to be to teach piano from home. Even if you are not an accomplished musician, you can easily line up a few students and start the lesson. Additionally, you have the pleasure of working at the comfort of your home. It also gives you the opportunity to flaunt your skills while helping others and earn cash. It also requires little efforts but comes with huge bonuses.

What you Need to Start Teaching Piano From Home
Teaching piano from home doesn’t need much, and it offers a great opportunity to work from home for a stay-at-home mom.

Experience is a requirement, but it doesn’t mean that you need to have undergone classical training to teach. If you begin by offering lessons to small kids, there is no much experience that is required. You will only need to know how to read music and learn the basics. These can be easily researched on the internet.

It is crucial that you have the piano and don’t replace it with the keyboards as many people tend to think that it can suffice. You must teach your students how to get a feel of a real piano. This enables them to gain strength in their fingers.

Training Books: these are important to keep on hand for both you and your trainees. You can lend your students these books so that they can get prepared for the next day.

A Quiet Space: It is obvious that your students require a quiet place to practice; you don’t need a fancy studio as a guest room, or a clean garage can do. You can choose to be creative like the Chatalbash piano teachers who created their home studios to get the job done.

Draft a Business Plan
While you are teaching piano from home, it is still a good idea to write up a business plan. This helps you to keep track with your objectives.

Set Up Payment Terms
The biggest mistake that work-from-home people make is that they are too flexible with getting paid.

You must set strict payment guidelines to ensure that you are getting what you are worth. For instance you can have them pay for lessons on a monthly or weekly basis. You must also make sure that you don’t please the students with your pricing, as if they want the best they will pay for it.

Business Promoting
You will never acquire students if all you do is sit at home and hope that someone will come knocking on your door. Take your business to the street by handing out flyers or placing an ad on social media. Once you have a few students, don’t forget to book more lessons for them as that loyalty is what you will need to stay afloat.

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