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How to Choose a Septic Tank Service Provider

If your septic tank is giving you a headache, it’s a must that you hire professionals to fix it the soonest you can. Whether there’s too much water in the tank or it’s discharging sewage where it shouldn’t, you have to act swiftly.

But how can you find a good septic tank service provider? There are lots of options out there, but these should be considered before you hire one:

Experience and Qualifications

Before hiring anyone, standard protocol dictates that you look into their experience and qualifications. That includes providers of septic tank services. In order to do this, simply ask the company directly. If there seems to be some hesitation as they answer your question, that only means they don’t trust their own background, so why should you?

Service Plan

A good company will provide an outline of their proposed services that will maintain your sewage system not only today into the future. This can include things you have to do to make sure that your sewage system is functioning well, any repairs that may be necessary, and the rest. Many so-called “professionals” out there will only perform the service you have called them for, instead of teaching you about proactive septic system care. Make sure you hire a company that will give you tips on using your septic system well so you can avoid repair costs in the future.


One of the best things technology has done for us is allowing us to check the reputations of companies or professionals we may be planning to hire. Definitely, this applies to septic tank services as well. Before hiring any company, make sure you have done your homework. Just remember that there are many marketing websites that feature biased and fake reviews which are meant to promote or discredit a certain provider. Steer clear of these and instead focus on independent consumer websites that feature real and credible testimonials.

If, for any reason, online reviews on a certain company are hard to come by, simply ask around. Friends, family members, neighbors – some of them may have worked with a septic tank service provider in the past and could make some referrals. People are generally happy to spread the good news about their positive experiences. Another option you have is approaching hardware and plumbing stores. Septic professionals get their tools and equipment here, so don’t think twice about approaching a clerk and asking for some leads.

The best time to search for a septic tank service provider is when you’re not having problems yet. Otherwise, you may end up hiring the first company you come across, which isn’t exactly a great idea.

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