Cardio And Manboobs

In order to get rid of your manboobs you will have to do some kind of cardio for a good period of time to see great results. It is the cardiovascular exercise, combined with strength training (weights, pushups e.t.c) that will really start burning the chest fat. So here are a couple of suggestions –

1 – Once you have begun strength training you should be doing a short warm up first 5 – 15 mins. Start building your warm up from 5 mins, adding an extra 5 mins every time you do it until it becomes a full blown 30 mins of cardiovascular exercise, before you start your strength training. So before you know it you will be doing 30mins cardio followed by 30mins weights, you should eventually aim to be doing 30mins cardio followed by 45 – 60mins of weights at least 3 times a week but build to this at your own pace.

2 – Or alternatively, you can set aside 2 days when you only do cardio so say Mon – weights, Tues – cardio, weds – weights, Thurs – cardio. So you can start doing 2 days per week then when ready move to 3 – 4 times per week until your ready to add a 5th day (only if you want to 3 should be minimum) and you can change and rotate your routine on the 5th day each week (1 week cardio next week weights).

Both these approaches will work but its what works for you, cardio and weights together will obviously take more time and we don’t all have this to spare but you may prefer to get it all out at once and have an extra day per week. I know what your thinking ‘sh*t, that sounds like a lot of work, I dont have time.’ But seriously whats harder dealing with the manboob problem day in day out and having them on your mind all the time, or just taking an hour out of your day to work out. You will feel better about yourself and get the reaction from the opposite sex, and friends and family that every man deserves and there are lots of different types of cardio you can do if you don’t like to jog, you can skip, use the cross trainer or take aerobic classes e.g boxercise (great for manboobs), rowing and swimming are also good for burning chest fat especially if you’ve tried other types of cardio and it hasn’t worked for you.

So you don’t get bored a good idea is to try using a combination of them from week to week this will help to keep you interested. So like I said its hard at first but it quickly becomes enjoyable especially when you start to see results.

So Good Luck and Dont Give Up.

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